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Pink Hummer Limousine H210 Jet Door

Pink 16 Seater H210 Hummer Limousine

If you wish for a Pink Hummer experience to blow your mind and exceed your expectations - then, THATS WHAT WE DO. Showtime Limos offer you the executive treatment that is second to none, choose this Super Star Pink 16 seater H210 Hummer Limousine designed by Showtime Pink Hummer Limousines Perth. This car is designed to take you wherever you want to go in style by intertwining luxury and ambience to create an environment that you cannot find anywhere else. The experience is simply mind blowing.

The Pink 16 seater H210 Hummer Limousine comes with a number of features that make it stand out. First, this limousine comes in a unique color that is attractive making it ideal for all kinds of occasions ranging from weddings to children parties. In fact, not only is it ideal for ferrying children but also for keeping them entertained all through. This limousine also comes with the new generation electric jet door opening meaning that you do not have to worry about opening and closing the doors as you will only need to sit back and enjoy the special treatment. Moreover, this feature gives this limousine a new age presence that is quite appealing.

The third feature of the Pink 16 seater H210 Hummer Limousine is its capacity. The ability to accommodate up to 16 passengers, introduces the aspect of convenience. That is, this limo can be ideal for ferrying your bridal party with ease. The sunroof is also another important feature that this limousine boasts of because it gives you the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors in a special way as you cruise around. In addition, the sunroof comes with the opportunity to take great photos besides being able to pose for photos too.

The Pink Hummer H210 also comes with glitter sparkles that make this monster stretch limousine draw attention wherever it goes. In terms of the interior, it is carefully decorated with an appealing pink d├ęcor with just about every facility that you can think of, making it a great place to have a party on wheels. It is also spacious with amenities that allow you to have a good time while on the move. The beauty of this all is that the amenities can be customized according to your needs. That is, if you want to hold a party you can be sure to have an adult party setting complete with a bar while the same can be customized for a kids without compromising the quality of service. Finally, the service is affordable and can be tailored to fit your budget. In summary, the Pink H210 Hummer limousine is a great way to cruise around and have fun while on the move.